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Play-A-Way in Zion Hall has provided a Playgroup for our community since 1987.  Between our five staff members we have over 100 years experience in Early Childhood development.
In 1997 Play-A-Way became a Childcare Centre offering a Preschool and Playgroup along with an Afterschool Club. It was under the guidance of The Company Shop, the group was established as a “Company Limited by Guarantee”.  This means if the company suffers financial loss the voluntary directors are liable for £1. This gives ordinary people confidence to invest their time and efforts into the community business without concerns about being held financial responsible if the company is not successful.

The Centre no longer runs its afterschool club however the Preschool and Playgroup are still going strong. Please visit our Facebook page – facebook.com/playawaychildcarecentre to find out more.